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Shaking off winter,
embracing new journeys

By Jim Poling, editor-in-chief

It’s time to shake off winter’s slumber, to regroup, breathe deeply and take in this new season of promise.
It’s a time of new colour – purple, in fact, and it’s a new season of journey and connections.
This is the Outdoors edition of Grand magazine, and the editorial team of Brian Williams and Diane Shantz has worked hard to make those connections for you.
Dedicated readers will also note the retirement of Melinda Marks as editor-in-chief. She is no longer in the office but her influence runs through the entire issue.
The connections made in this issue are ones we don’t automatically see. Who would ever think love and tornadoes go together?
Or a truck and gourmet food? A baseball bat and an axe?
There’s more: the mercurial and fluid nature of water and how its properties are perfect for balance; and the joy of walking and the spirit of a race.
Journeys take many forms and each of the stories and photos and special features in this issue take us inside and outside the region. This issue takes you along and above the winding Nith River, exploring its historic and literary curves. It takes you inside the passion of a music maker who counts ghosts as his friends and is fuelled by Tai Chi and storytelling.
We explore the heart of the region and then go wide from east coast to west. There are pages of finds in this Grand issue: shopping treasures, architectural wonders, billowing sails, bears and silver-hued fish.
What’s a little travel without food, though? Bison and rabbit and vegetables come together inside an unassuming and less than traditional dining venue.
In our sensory journey we offer burgers with a twist, a menu full of new wines and a craft and crafty cocktail called Knock on Wood. There’s a lot of spirit in this issue: like the food and drink, the storytelling and photographs are a salute and a signature.
Our senses are awakened. Pause, breathe deep, reflect and enjoy.
Life is truly a journey.