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Work hard . . . play hard . . .
rest hard . . . persevere

By Jim Poling, editor-in-chief

Trish Benoit relies heavily on her playlist to push her across the finish line. She wanted to change her life but at first there was only doubt. Then she took a step. Then 500 more, followed by a 5K run, a 10K and beyond, mostly fuelled by 160 to 170 beats per minute of carefully chosen songs and rhythms, a kind of transmission for her brain and body and soul.
This is our Health and Wellness issue and we cover a lot of ground. More than anything it is about perseverance. It’s about women like Mikaila Emrich and her courage in dealing with concussions. In days gone by the advice was to push on, shake it off and play on. Today, we are in an era of unprecedented knowledge and research into concussions and our story explores two people who have the courage to recognize the sensitivities involved and seek treatment.
Work hard. Play hard. Rest hard and be healthy.
It’s a theme found in the story of hard-hitting Mandy Bujold, who talks about her boxing career, hooks, jabs and a passion for healthy food and motivation. It’s in the story of mural artist Stephanie Boutari who once used $700 worth of spray paint to capture an architectural portrait.
This is an issue about people who are driven, who think creatively and thrive on their results.
We have 12 pages devoted to innovative approaches to home and space renovation, that dusty, angst-filled time when walls come up or go down. The featured projects are proof of the possible and with the right professional and planning, renovations can be artfully fun.
Don’t stop there. Planning and perseverance are for the gym, drawing board, life goals, and . . . the blender and cocktail canon. There’s a new take on smoothies and a perfect summer drink that involves tequila, popcorn shoots and jalapeno. And, if that’s too much spice in your life, try sumac.
You see, in true Grand style, you always have an option. Enjoy the summer.