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A bird in the hand

Retired teacher’s passion for bird banding shapes scientific knowledge and planning CLICK HERE TO READ

Taking art to the streets

Cambridge festival makes its mark with international artists, community involvement CLICK HERE TO READ

Tour 6 beautiful homes

Tour of local properties raises funds for Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Here’s a sneak preview of the wonderful homes and gardens on display at this

Magical makeover

Backyard was perfect when they bought the home. But that was before change came knocking Click here to read

Standing guard in the yard

Sculptures have a long, proud history for adding stately elegance – and surprise – to a garden Click here to read

DIY gardening in the downtown

Former suburban dweller’s hard work and tasteful updates breathe new life into Kitchener property Click here to read

The man with the 3D plan

Inexpensive prosthetic hands among the world of possibilities for Jeremy Hedges and his team – and they want to help teach kids everything

Iconic Fashions

Cambridge museum marks Canada’s 150th birthday with a fashionable flourish Click here to read